3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Officiant

Hiring someone to preside over your wedding and perform the ceremony can often be a difficult task due to the many different options available to you. Do you go with a church-affiliated minister, a friend or family member who has been ordained, or a professional officiant? Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider going with a professional officiant to handle your wedding ceremony.

Avoid Legal Complications

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a professional officiant for your wedding is in order to avoid any potential legal issues and complications. The last thing that you will want is to attempt to get your wedding license only to find out that the person who performed the wedding was not legally approved to do so.

This can sometimes happen when the officiant is ordained by an unrecognized source or if your area requires extra steps and licensing beyond simply being ordained before you can perform a wedding. This will not be an issue with a professional wedding officiant as he or she will ensure that he or she has all of the necessary credentials to ensure that the ceremony is valid.

Customize Your Ceremony

One of the issues that can often come up when dealing with either a church-based officiant or a loved one who is performing the ceremony is that you will have to worry about their feelings if you want to customize the ceremony. For example, you will have to worry about potentially offending a minister if you request that certain parts of his or her religious ceremony be omitted or changed based on your preferences or beliefs. With a professional officiant, he or she is not going to have a personal stake in your wedding, so he or she is not going to mind if you want some wording changed or if you want to omit any religious aspects of the ceremony.

Deliver A Composed And Professional Ceremony

Finally, you will want to consider a professional officiant because he or she can provide a very composed and professional performance while performing the ceremony due to his or her extensive experience. One of the issues that you can potentially run into with a friend or family member who has been ordained recently or specifically for your ceremony is that they may be easily distracted by sounds from the audience or people moving around the venue. In addition, if this wedding is one of the first that they have ever performed, that friend or family member may easily get nervous and end up stuttering or making mistakes with the ceremony.

Contact a local professional officiant today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can help your wedding ceremony go as smoothly and as well as possible. A professional officiant can help you avoid any potential legal complications and allow you to feel comfortable customizing your ceremony however you like. 

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