Signs Of A Pending Apocalyptic End Of Times – That's Not So Bad

Apocalyptic prophecies usually deal with the impending doom of mankind, or the earth in general. However, not all events related to apocalyptic projections indicate an unpleasant demise for humanity. There are events that lead up to the end of times, which are encouraging for those who believe that the tale of the apocalypse does not necessarily mean the end of the world.

These times yet to come foretell a blissful period of splendor akin to paradise. Here are three positive events that are materializing and may prove that an apocalyptic end of mankind will not be like the horrific tales of fire and brimstone.

No More Bad People

No sense in getting into a definition of what constitutes good vs. bad. Just consider for a moment that truly bad people are those who have no moral compass and violate the laws of common decency without fear of recourse.

According to many accounts of the apocalypse, the Book of Revelation being the most noteworthy, all evil people will be cast into hellfire and damnation for all eternity. Certainly, if all the bad apples in the barrel of humanity are hurled into the proverbial dungeon of decadence, the world will be left with good and honest people.

This supports in some respects, the idea of an age of bliss. If, as some claim, bad and evil people will suffer punishment during the end times, that could mean the remaining people inherit a peaceful world.

A time where everyone lives in harmony, by some accounts for a thousand years or more. Even if the trials and tribulations of the not so good folks are rather challenging, many accounts of the end times foretell an era of peaceful paradise around the world.

Travel Here - Travel There - Travel Everywhere

Just over a century ago, the largest percentage of humanity still traveled the same way they dead millennia ago. Man either walked, rode a horse, or was pulled in some manner by another breed of living beast.

At the dawn of the Industrial Age, the ways that mankind could propel around the planet exploded. Although somewhat ambiguous, the Book of Daniel hints at a new age of travel ease, signifying an approaching end of times.

Jump to the progress of events in today's world. Man has never been able to jet around the planet as he can today. There are planes, trains and all sorts of vehicles to get him from one place to another with ease. There are a number of different accounts of particular signs of the apocalypse that hint at this exact phenomenon.

The Expanse of Knowledge

There is also reference to the increase in knowledge contained in the Book of Daniel. With handheld communication capabilities in the palm of people's hand across the globe, the sharing of information, or knowledge by definition, has never been so easy.

The invention of the Internet has afforded millions of people the opportunity to find out anything about anything. If this is one of the precluding events to the apocalypse, it certainly is helping the human race to improve intelligence.

So, while many accounts of the end times foretell a horrible apocalyptic end to mankind, there are written prognostications that it isn't all going to be doom and gloom. With the countless number of revealing prophecies that we are seeing signs of the end times, maybe we're preparing for something mankind has mulled over for millennia.

There are a number of indicators, which say we may be on the threshold of an era of peace and tranquility. A time may be coming in the future, when all of humanity can live in blissful paradise. If these are truly signs of an apocalyptic end of times, maybe it's not going to be so bad after all.

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