3 Safe Ways To Use Essential Oils For Health And Beauty Purposes

Essential oils are natural oils that typically come from different plants and trees. There are dozens of different types of essential oils available, many of which may be used for health and beauty purposes. If you are looking for some natural products to use, you should try some of these natural essential oils to see how well you will like them.

Treat a Scrape With Lavender Oil

A popular essential oil on the market is lavender essential oil. Many people enjoy using this specific oil because there is no need to use a carrier oil with it, which means you can apply a small amount of it to the skin without experiencing irritation or any kind of harmful effects. In fact, if you get scraped and have a small open wound, you can apply lavender oil to the wound because it works as an antibacterial agent to fight off harmful bacteria that could get into the wound. After applying a small amount of the lavender oil to your scrape, make sure to cover it with a bandage to keep dirt from getting into it.

Get Hair to Grow Quicker With Cedarwood Oil

Are you looking for natural ways to start getting your hair to grow in even longer? Instead of using harsher products that can leave your strands feeling so dry, you should try using cedarwood oil on the scalp. Cedarwood oil is a great product to use for hair growth because it can improve scalp circulation, thus promoting hair to grow at quicker rate. If you are going to apply the cedarwood oil to your scalp, make sure you are diluting it with a few drops of almond oil to avoid any irritation. Almond oil works perfectly as the carrier oil for cedarwood oil because it nourishes the skin and contains essential vitamins that can help to encourage hair growth, too.

Fight a Cold With Eucalyptus Oil

If you start to feel like you are coming down with a cold, it helps to use eucalyptus essential oil. You can dilute the eucalyptus oil with a few drops of coconut oil and then add it to the tub while soaking in the water for several minutes. You may even want to apply the diluted eucalyptus directly to your chest. The oil is commonly used by those looking to fight colds because it works as a natural antiviral.

You can use essential oils for health and beauty purposes as often as you would like to. If you subscribe to essential oil membership services, you will have plenty of oils available to use.