Tips for Building a Relationship with God

While some people are very devoted to their faith and feel a strong connection to God from a young age, there are many others who believe in God but don't feel that they have any type of concrete relationship. Connecting with God and building a relationship can bring a sense of peace and joy that most people crave in their lives. God is always available, but you should not expect him to automatically seek you out—if you want to build a strong relationship with God, you will need to put in an effort. Use the following types to strengthen your connection to God and build a lifelong relationship:

Read Books

While forming a relationship with God may sound simple, the reason that some people have not done so is that they don't know how. If you are in this position, taking the time to read can be very beneficial. There are a number of books that talk about having a relationship with God and how to build that relationship. Reading various types of relationship with God books can give you great insight from others who have achieved a very strong connection with God. The information you find in a book about a relationship with God can help you on your own journey. 

Explore the Scriptures

One of the keys to building a relationship is knowing someone, and the same can be said for God. An easy way to get to know God is by reading the scriptures. The scriptures are God's words given to the people of earth. You may want to consider reading both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible to get a better understanding of God. After reading the scriptures, you can then delve deeper into the specific meanings of different passages.

Be Observant

As you begin to build your relationship with God, it will be very important to become as observant as possible. God can communicate in subtle ways, so you want to be sure that you are ready to receive his messages. Communication with God can come in several forms, such as a gentle voice in your year, a strong feeling in your heart, or unexpectedly knowing that something is going to go wrong. Be observant and open to God's messages is one of the best ways to grow your faith and strengthen the relationship that you have with God throughout your lifetime.