2 Tips for Your Church's Virtual Worship Service

A Christian church virtual worship service can be beneficial for you and your church members. This is especially true during this time when the pandemic is still a concern. Keep reading for two tips so your virtual worship service will go well for everyone.

Stream Your Service Virtually in Real-Time

A virtual worship service allows your parishioners to watch your service online, such as on their computer, laptop, tablet, or maybe even their smartphone. There are many websites that you can visit that will provide everything you need to stream your service. 

Consider streaming your service at the time when you normally have worship service. This can be beneficial as people are used to going at this time and they can keep up with the same routine. This way when you open your church back up, your parishioners will not have to make a lot of changes in their lives. 

Make sure everyone can see you well and be able to hear you clearly. Ask someone that has experience set up this type of service and then do a few practice runs. Have the person at their home watching you so they can know exactly how you look and sound. When you first start, ask everyone if they can see and hear you well. 

Pre-Record Virtual Worship Service

You also have the option of pre-recording your worship service. Once the recording is finished make your sermon available to everyone online, such as on your church's website. You will be able to make edits and adjustments to your audio and video and take your time doing so. You could set it up so your parishioners are able to listen and view your sermon at any time or day. 

You do need the proper equipment to do this. This includes the camera, tripod for the camera, and the platform that does livestreaming. This is what allows everyone to watch your videos. This also gives everyone the ability to share the livestream. This may result in you getting new members for your church if the people that watch the stream like your sermon.

While virtual services are a popular option, there are other ways you can have your church services, one of which is having church outside, which people could sit in their cars while you have the service. This also allows people to stand far from each other if they are worried about the COVID virus.