See How You Can Get The Most Out Of Your Daily Christian Devotion Time

As a Christian, you should always have a good relationship with your maker. This means you should strive to do what God expects of you. However, when and how often you devote yourself to God matters a lot. Although you can do some things weekly or monthly, you should do certain things daily. As a Christian, you should know that daily devotional sessions help you get closer to God. Unfortunately, most people don't prioritize daily devotion because of their busy schedules. Luckily, it's possible to start every day of your life with God and make it a habit. Here's how you can get the most out of your daily Christian devotion time.

Begin with Prayer

Prayer is critical for any Christian who wants to grow in their faith. Actually, a Christian who doesn't pray becomes spiritually weak. But to pray more effectively daily, you need to have the correct perception or understanding of prayer. Most people think that prayer is something they do for God, but it's not so. As a result, they sometimes get tired because they feel they have done it enough. Usually, prayer is a form of dialogue where you communicate with God. With such understanding, you enjoy praying every day because you know you are talking to God.

Read a Bible Passage

God's message for your life is usually found in His word. And since you want to hear what God says about it, you should read a bible passage daily. By so doing, you get the spiritual nourishment you need to keep you going. You also learn a lot about how God expects you to handle your parents, children, spouse, relatives, friends, the less privileged, and everyone else. Reading God's word also helps you develop a Godly attitude in everything. You should set some time every day, preferably in the morning or any other time, to read a bible passage.

Think of How You Could Apply What You Read

After reading a bible passage, you shouldn't close the bible immediately and leave. You should spare a few minutes to reflect on what you just read. This helps you figure out how you could apply it in your life to be a good Christian. Usually, it's one thing to know how God expects you to live, and it's another thing to practice it. For instance, if you read a bible passage on forgiveness, you should reflect on who you need to forgive and do it. This way, you become someone who does what the bible instructs them to do.

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